Efficient and effective resolution of business disputes is the function of a precisely executed strategy. Williams, Leininger & Cosby assists development and execution of that strategy. Respecting the time, money and energy demanded of you, and these cases, our first and perpetual aim is earlier and alternative resolutions.

Williams, Leininger & Cosby’s Board-Certified Trial and Appellate specialists deliver success at every level, from state, federal, and appellate courts including the United States Supreme Court.

The initial sixty days of engagement entails:

  • Initial evaluation
  • Budget and timeline track
  • Discovery strategies

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Non-litigious resolutions are the first and consistent goal in disputes arising between and within companies. In Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) we bring parties together, helping them achieve reasonable terms. This approach minimizes needless delay, and of course, unnecessary expense.

Commercial Litigation

Rely on counsel that begins by understanding your best interests. Zealously advocating for the most advantageous position, efficient case management focuses on successful resolution and closure.