• In Bryant v. Mezo, Carri Leininger obtained favorable opinion from the Fourth DCA recognizing the Plaintiff's failure to disclose prior medical treatment was fraud and justified dismissal of the Plaintiff's lawsuit.
  • Jim Williams intervened in complex construction/banking litigation on behalf of a local county obtaining a stay and potentially saving the county from a judgment that would have deprived the county of over a million dollars in collateral.
  • Lee Baggett and Jeff Cosby spoke at the Orlando Claims Conference on Exposing Financial Bias of Treating Doctors.
  • Carri Leininger obtains summary judgement for CGL carrier in coverage dispute arising out of a multi-million dollar construction defect case.
  • Jessica Gregory obtains summary judgment for Property Owners Association in ADA/FHA case.
  • Phil Wiseberg and Jim Williams obtain a defense verdict in an automobile negligence suit
  • Phil Wiseberg achieved dismissal of a federal copyright infringement lawsuit on behalf of a local university
  • Carri Leininger wins appellate victory in controversial juror texting case, Murphy v.Roth
  • Carri Leininger achieved Board Certification in Appellate Law
  • Jim Williams succeeds with Palm Beach County jury returning defense verdict for half clients' pre-trial offer

Continuing Education

CE Courses

The following is a list of approved CE courses that we offer to clients at no charge. We can present the CE at your offices or at either one of our offices in North Palm Beach or Treasure Coast. If you have any questions, please contact Carri Leininger at or 561-615-5666.

Avoiding Pre-suit Pitfalls in Catastrophic and Multi-Claimant Claims

This course provides adjusters with a better understanding in handling claims arising out of catastrophic and multi-claimant accidents. It will analyze the pertinent case law. It also gives adjusters practical guidelines in conducting investigations, considering settlement, and notifying insureds in these difficult claims. Examples of a few of the topics include; responding to short time demands, utilizing mediators in a pre-suit situation, and best practices for documenting efforts at investigating claims. It is approved for 2 hours.

Best Practices For Ordering And Evaluating IMEs In PIP Cases

This course provides an overview of the appropriate reasons to request an independent medical examination (IME) in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) cases and how to handle claims made by providers after benefits have been suspended. It explains the complex PIP statute and gives adjusters practical guidelines in knowing when to order an IME and how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the case after the IME has been performed. It is approved for one (1) CE credit hour.

How To Settle the Claims of a Decedent

This course will provide adjusters with a better understanding of issues that may arise when handling claims involving a deceased claimants. It will help educate adjusters on the types of claims that can be brought on behalf of a decedent, who can bring such claims, and who has the power to settle such claims. This course is approved for 1 CE credit hour, under Adjuster Law and Policy.

It Ain’t Over Yet – Navigating The Post-Verdict Minefield

This course provides adjusters with a better understanding of the post trial landscape, including potential motions and strategy. It analyzes the current state of the law and gives practical guidelines for managing cases. Topics include interviews of jurors, motions for new trial, as well as additurs and remittiturs. It also provides adjusters with the information they need to assess cases after trial and a checklist of information they should be receiving from their attorneys in order to make informed decisions. It is approved for one (1) CE credit hour.

Wrongful Death – A Primer

This course provides an overview of wrongful death claims. It explains the complex wrongful death statute and gives practical guidelines for identifying potential survivors, determining possible damages, and evaluating the overall claim. It is approved for one (1) CE credit hour.